Peer-Reviewed Publications

Driscoll, Amanda and Martín Gandur. Forthcoming. “Public Support and Compliance with High Courts Around the World.” In Research Handbook on Law and Political Systems, edited by Robert M. Howard, Kirk A. Randazzo, and Rebecca A. Reid. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Artiles, Alexandra K., Martín Gandur, and Amanda Driscoll. 2021. “Los Estados (des) Unidos: Federalismo y descentralización en los tiempos de pandemia.” In Covid-19 y Estados en acción: un estudio constitucional comparado entre países federales y no federales, edited by Esteban Nader and Marie-Christine Fuchs. Bogotá: Tirant lo Blanch and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, pp. 278-317. [Available online]

Works in Progress

“Public Confidence in the Judiciary amid Inter-Branch Conflicts: Evidence from Argentina” Paper accepted at SPSA 2023.

  • Abstract: Do court decisions limiting executive power affect public evaluation of judicial institutions? If so, does partisanship moderate these effects? I study the effects of two quasi-exogenous court rulings in Argentina, which invalidated a highly salient judicial reform promoted by the President. I hypothesize that the court decisions will undermine individuals’ support for judicial institutions, and more so among presidential co-partisans. Empirically, I find that the rulings significantly decreased Argentines’ overall public confidence in the judiciary, but these negative effects are limited to co-partisans of the president—judicial confidence among presidential out-partisans remained unchanged. All in all, these results advance our knowledge of the determinants of public evaluation of judicial institutions involved in inter-branch conflicts.

“Too Much, Too Little, or Just About Right? Public Evaluations of Executive Influence in Four Constitutional Courts” (with Chewning, Taylor K., Amanda Driscoll, Jay N. Krehbiel, and Michael J. Nelson). Paper presented at SPSA 2022.

“Protests and Support for the Rule of Law” (with Chewning, Taylor K., Amanda Driscoll, Jay N. Krehbiel, and Michael J. Nelson). Paper presented at MPSA 2022.